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First Session

An agreeable time will be finalized and the tutor that best fits your needs will meet you at the desired location for the first session. During this first session, it is recommended that you get to know the tutor and intermittently observe the tutor and the student to ensure they work well together.



From there, we will work out a schedule based on the desired frequency of tutoring, whether that be 3-4 times a week or just 1-2.



If, for any reason, you would prefer a different tutor, we will do our best to accommodate accordingly. Any feedback on why the first tutor did not meet your needs is always appreciated.



Once the schedule has been set, Internet Of Tutors will bill you on a monthly basis in accordance to the number of hours the tutor accumulates. For cross-reference purposes, feel free to keep track of the hours as well to ensure that the amount is accurate. In regards to billing, a PayPal invoice will be sent via email to your preferred email address.